and a happy Easter to you

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Two new Donkey's

  Inspired by summer berries, Quinten, dressed in purples and reds.

A tiny raglan sleeved cardigan, new design for my little folk.

 Rachel, a little woodland donkey.

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Five new bunnies

A return to my studio after three years of study has seen some old friends come back to life..well so to speak, you see these and other dolls had been left in different stages of unfinishness, it was quite a pleasure to finally complete them. There is of course more to come.
If you have been to my Etsy store recently you may have noticed a rise in my prices, this has been due of the rise in cost of supplies and postage.
Supplies are getting harder to find too, and the quality is not there any more. If anybody knows where I can buy black and brown micro buttons let me know.
In the meantime I'm just going to post some of my new little dolls as I finish them..so enjoy!

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Threads & Tangles

Sometimes I really like the backs of these embroideries instead of the "perfectly" finished off fronts. Hmm there maybe something in this for some new works, may be something a little gothic?


Something old

This little heart shape container was made and given to my mum when she was a little girl. Her mother made it for her. I remember her showing me the confiner when I was little and remember being so amazed by this little worn, handmade object that meant so much to my mum. I just adore it.